Cheap Student Accomodation in Sheffield

There will be no price increases before 1 August 2009.

Single rooms are available in three sizes:

  • Small - £39 per week
  • Medium - £43 per week
  • Large - £45 per week

All prices include water rates.

Gas and electricity costs are the responsibility of the residents in each flat. Bills are divided equally between the number of residents occupying the flat for that period of time, pro rata to the time in occupation, and irrespective of room size. Telephone, internet and TV licence costs are the responsibility of the individual resident.

When taking out a tenancy agreement there is an initial deposit payable to cover damage and unsettled gas/electricity charges at departure.  Assuming the flat is left in good condition to the satisfaction of the Landlord, and all gas/electricity charges due to the date of leaving are confirmed by the other residents as settled, the deposit will be returned in full.

Currently there is no additional charge for car parking.

Charges for use of the laundry are competitive with those at local launderettes.

Mail is delivered to the main hallway of the building for residents to collect.  There is a post box nearby.

Bins are located in the car park area for the disposal of household waste and for recycling paper and card.  There are public recycling facilities locally for glass, cans and plastic.